FAQs (Frequently Asqued Questions) Growth Marketing 🤔

Questions and Answers about Growth Hacking Marketing – Growth Startups

  • What do you do?

Growth Startups provide a full growth marketing set of services focused in both digital startups or traditional companies for the digital environment.

  • How does it work?

We can work with partners either on a project basis, on a monthly retainer or managing one or more aspects of the growth strategy of your company. First step of the process is understanding what the potential partner is willing to accomplish, and analyzing that we really can help. From there, as partners, we set common objectives, scope of our services and we start hacking the growth.

  • Why you say you do not have clients, but partners?

Our business is to generate success to our partners. We can not be really successful if our partners are not succeeding. Notwithstanding if we are only providing consultancy services or a full Growth Marketing service, our goal is for our partners to unlock the growth they are looking for. It’s a win-win situation, where we only feel we did our job if our partner get what they are looking for. That’s why we choose our partners carefully, seeing we really can help them to be as successful as they want to be.

  • Is it expensive to be your partner?

No! That all depends on the service you want from us, but as partners, our success can majorly be attached to your success, and therefore we will be generating the growth of your business that will pay our fees.

  • Why it’s better to work with Growth Startups instead of hiring an internal team?

Growth Startups is a team of multidisciplinary professionals that will work for your success. Our experience and focus on growth have been delivering results for years to different partners. We have developed a method that help us to have unmatched results, as quick as possible, encountering the growth you are looking for. Also, we know that finding genuine good growth hackers and building that team is a difficult and expensive long process you do not want to have. And also, because we will be paid majorly with the growth, so we won’t jeopardize your cash flow with huge fixed costs.

  • What kind of businesses can you help?

If you have a website, web form or mobile app as part of your business, we can help. Does not matter if you are part of a public company, or a small startup. Does not matter if you have been doing digital marketing for years or you are about to start marketing your product, we can help. If you are reading this, is because you are interested in growing your business, and we can be your partner to accomplish that goals.

  • Can any companies enjoy the benefits of Growth Hacking & Growth Marketing?

No, Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing it’s not for anyone. On our years of experience we understood that there is a simple checklist that it’s the initial check we do to know we can really help our partners. This is our checklist
– You have define your product and you have happy customers (even if only a few)
– You really want to scale your business
– You are open to test things and not afraid of making mistakes on the way to growth
– You understand we will do a lot more than only running ads
– You can give us access to your developers to make quick tech changes and tests
– You have an appropriate budget for the goals you are trying to reach

  • Are you working just with US Customers?

No, we cover international operations, at the moment we are serving clients partners from USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Israel, Italy and France