About us 💪 – Growth Startups

Who we are?

We are an experienced team that has launched and grown successful businesses, helping become acquired by public companies for the rapid growth and positive cash flow we generated, and are now applying everything we’ve learned to help others reach success.
We are a team of creative minded, tech savvy, data junkies, digital experts and of course Growth Hackers.
We are Growth Mentors of Endeavor, 500 Startups, NUMAWayra & NXTP Labs.
The company was founded by an Endeavor Entrepreneur with the main objective to share the Growth experience with our partners.

 Why we created Growth Startups?

We saw that many startups were failing on reaching their growth goals, and that many traditional companies were not reaching the right users in the digital world.
The simple equation of CAC < LTV appeared to be a challenge for the majority of the startups and traditional companies.

So we decided to create an agency that can help then to hack the growth they are looking for, using Growth Marketing techniques.

CAC= Customer Acquisition Cost
LTV= Life Time Value

Why we say we do not have clients, but partners?

Our core business is to generate success to our partners.
We cannot be really successful if our partners are not succeeding.
Notwithstanding if we are only providing consultancy services or a full Growth Marketing service, our goal is for our partners to unlock the growth they are looking for.

Are you just consultants?

Yes and No 🙂 We are Entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in Digital Growth, but no, we are not consultants that implements actions without field experience, We have strong experience doing Growth Marketing by ourselves and because we understand that Growth should be not a problem if you have the right Product/Market fit is why we created Growth Startups as a Growth Marketing Agency to help, in a 100% HANDS ON MODE, the best entrepreneurs in Latin America and all around the world to get their dreams come true growing their businesses as never before.